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AFH: Acronyms For Hilarity – The Endlessly Funny Party Game …

WTH is AFH? Acronyms for Hilarity is a fun and creative game to play with your BFFs. In Acronyms for Hilarity, players make up acronyms based on categories and letter combinations. The crazier the A, the greater the H! With countless categories and letter combinations, every AFH game is 100% fresh! In each round, one player (AKA the Judge) chooses a category and rolls the lettered dice. After fate picks three letters, each player creates the world’s silliest, funniest, weirdest or most scandalous acronym to woo the Judge’s vote FTW! Players take turns as the Judge, and the first person to win a pre-set number of rounds is proclaimed AFH VIP. You’ll LOL! We promise.

Tired of the redundancy of other party games where it is the same answers over and over? Or having to shell out more money for the next relevant card pack? AFH allows each player to use their own creativity to come up with a new, hilarious response every round! Current topics and inside jokes are free to use!
Three 20-sided, lettered dice in patriotic red, white, and blue are rolled to allow up to 8000 unique acronym combinations that work in conjunction with the topic cards to provide a virtual infinite number of comical outcomes.
50 topic cards include 11 different categories and 6 WILD cards. Each category card has three subcategories from which the round’s Judge gets to decide from for the players to create their answer to. If a WILD card is drawn, the Judge can pick ANY topic they can think of, furthering the possibility of never having the same answer twice!
Acronyms For Hilarity keeps everyone involved with the Judge getting to choose the topic and by having each player read a response back to the judge for them to choose the round’s winner! A player submits their answer into the community box, and once all have been submitted, the responses are randomly passed back out to the players. Part of the fun is the players trying to decipher other players responses and the inevitable misspelling of words!
AFH is for anyone who can make up an acronym based on 3 random letters and likes to laugh! Whether you’re celebrating a holiday with your conservative family or a game/party night with your wild friends, the responses can be suitable for any crowd since the players come up with the answers! Additionally, the format of the game allows for “house rules” to be set before playing so you can adapt the game to make it even more perfect for your group!
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