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What Is Blue Light And How Does PENGSER Blue Light Glasses Work?

Reduce glare + Anti scratchReduce glare + Anti scratch

The color in the visible light spectrum ranges from blue to red. Blue light sits on the very edge of the spectrum, close to invisible UV light. Blue light is considered “high-energy visible light” (HEV), hits our eyes at a higher frequency that we’re exposed to on a daily basis.

As we spend more time staring at monitors, iPads, and smartphones, we increase the amount of blue light we’re exposed to — and that’s where blue light filtering glasses might help.

How PengSer blue light glasses work?

The glasses have filtering materials or surface coatings on the lenses that block a portion of blue light, made of Polycarbonate, a very popular, impact-resistant lens. It made from high-tech plastics, makes screen time more comfortable and helps significantly reduce symptoms of digital eye strain.



eye strain

eye strain

sleep well

sleep well

Minimize Headache

High rate blue light from screen will impact our sense of circadian rhythms and wreck our internal rock, then cause insomnia. “Headaches, disorientation and loss of sleep are just the start of it” said Dubreui. Learn to protect yourself, don’t let headache come to you. This “good” blue light appears to contribute to physical and emotional health.

Anti Eye Strain

“There are many causes for eye strain,” said Dr. Raj K. Maturi, MD, a spokesman for the American Academy of Ophthalmology. “Blue light is just one of them.” Blue light exposure may increase the risk of macular degeneration and does contribute to digital eye strain. PengSer blue light filter glasses let your eyes feel better for looking at screen all day.

Help To Fall Asleep

“There are also two primary domains of blue light highlighted,” Friess says. One kind of blue light damages cells of the retina, while other blue light affects our wake / sleep cycle. “The brain associates blue light as daytime, so if a person is exposed to blue light for long periods of time during the night, blue light makes it more difficult for us to fall asleep at night and wake up in the morning,” Varma said. PengSer blue light glasses can help you with that.


Blue Blocker Glasses – PengSer’s non prescription fake glasses have a coating for eye protection specially developed for whom exposed to the blue-violet and LED light of digital devices, like computer reading, gaming, smartphones & TVs. Our blue light glasses features: fashion, scratch resistance, anti-static, anti blue light & glare, hydrophobic.
Benefits For Blue Light Glasses – People exposed to blue light become less sleepy and more alert. Pengser bluelight blocker glasses, also UV glasses is essential for preventing eye strain and improve your sleep, also help reduce stress, enhance your wellbeing.
Be Good In Material – The super light frames is excellent comfort with a better grip on your nose and ears for people, suitable for wayfarer reading, only weight 0.80 OZ. The frame dimensions of nerd glasses is reasonable for women, kids and teenager. Flexible hinges & fashion temples that will adapt to any face shape.
Clear Lenses & Accessory – High Quality organic lenses that block 40% of the blue light on the 430-450nm spectrum and 100% of the blue light at 410nm, meaning your eyes will always be protected under computer screen glasses. Low Color Distortion lens = ~52%, HD lens = ~62%. When you open box, you¡¯d find: 2 Packs gunnar gaming glasses; a recycled & non-toxic pouch, a soft microfiber cloth, a blue light test electric torch, a bluelight test card and a glasses kit.
Lifetime Warranty – Life Time Warranty & No-condition Return in 30 Days. We head to product quality, good-quality service work, commitment to the spirit of the unconditional, no reason, not satisfied with the return.
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