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Educational Insights Idiom of the Week Pocket Chart

Unlock a treasure trove of common idiomatic expressions!The mysteries of idioms become child’s play when you explore a new idiom as a class each week. Engaging illustrated cards tickle funny bones while they tackle the differences between literal and figurative language. A lighthearted way to enrich vocabulary and improve comprehension for all students, particularly English language learners. Activity guide included. Reverse-side storage pocket holds all components. Grades 3+

Tackle the difference between literal and figurative language with engaging illustrations that tickle kids’ funny bones!
Includes 20 double-sided, full-color, illustrated cards including idioms and definitions.
Pocket chart measures 13″ x 28″ and includes a clear vinyl pocket for the illustration and one to display student work.
A sturdy storage pocket on the back houses all materials when not in use.
Perfect for enriching vocabulary and improving comprehension, particularly for English-language learners.
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