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Fiber Optic Whip, LED Fiber Optic Dance Whips – 360° Swivel …

Why choose our products “Fiber Optic Whip”?
1You can buy better products at a lower price (with more mode effects, more beautiful fiber bundles).
2 With more mode effects, designed for dancing and parties.
3 The length of the whip (6ft) is more suitable for dancers, not too long, not too short.
4 Easy to use and maintain.
5 Lifetime Warranty-sales service guarantee. you don’t need to worry about any product quality, just enjoying your dance party. Any problem, please feel free to contact us.
Question 1: If the strength of the button is too large, the button may be damaged.
Solution: The button accessory structure has changed, and now the probability of button breakage is less than 0.5%, and we have provided button accessories as an alternate replacement.

Question 2: The whip only displays white light. Click the function button and you cannot switch other colors.
Cause: The battery is low.
Solution: Please use 3 new AAA batteries that have not been used. Or use a rechargeable battery (18650 lithium battery).

Question 3: The whip only shows one color (red, green, yellow, etc.) at the same time, and there is no jump effect.
Cause: The correct way to switch the jump mode
Solution: Press the function button for 2 seconds to switch the jump mode

What you get?
1. 1 * Fiber Optic Whip (Product body, NOT include battery)
2. 160 pcs * fiber optic (different length between 26cm and 165cm)

【Easy to Use, Especially for Beginners】One button to switch all modes. (40 Modes: 20 Jump modes, 10 Fade modes, and 10 Static color modes)
【Funny Space Whip, Designed for Dancers】The color modes are designed for dancers, you can freely swing the whip 360° rotation.
【Super Bright and Energy Saving]】Includes powerfully bright LED light and 160 Pcs super bright high-quality fiber; Battery model is regular 3*AAA battery or 18650 lithium battery .(NOT Including Battery).
【Shining and Amazing】Great for raves, parties, concerts, flow toys, dance accessories, costumes, light shows, EDM music festivals etc. (Including Free Carrying Bag)
【Long Time Warranty】Please contact us when you have product issues. We will service you until you are satisfied.
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