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THIS THAT & EVERYTHING is the name dropping party game that challenges players to describe people, places, or things for their teammates. It could be anything from Aladdin, Acupuncture, or Abbey Road to Zebras, Zurich, or even Zappa! This 3-pack of card games that can be used at home, or on the go due to their travel size includes PEOPLE, PLACES, and THINGS to give people 3 great games, with exclusive content! Like all other Outset products, this assorted card pack encourages players to spend time together with screen-free fun and engage in learning skills along the way. REAL social interaction is more important than ever, and Outset offers a variety of games and puzzles for boys and girls of all ages. Use Outset products in the classroom, with your homeschoolers, or as a family as you make memories that will last a lifetime.

PARTY GAME: This That and Everything is the name-dropping party game that challenges players to describe a wide variety of famous people, places, and things for their teammates to guess – in less than 30 seconds!
EASY TO PLAY: A random list of six items are given on each card. Players describe the word without saying any part of the word on the card. Teammates race to guess each of the six items listed.
BENEFITS: Playing trivia games can help improve cognitive skills and expand your knowledge.
ASSORTMENT PACK: This card game includes exclusive content not included in the big box game and it can be played on its own or as a supplementary pack.
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